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Aspire One netbook: the perfect schoolmate


Acer Education netbook is the Aspire One. Thin, light, stylish and with long battery life, it includes all the features that make it an ideal solution for school use.

Already introduced in schools in the experimental phase of the Acer European project in collaboration with the European Schoolnet, the netbook looks set to take the place of traditional textbooks. It fully meets all requirements for communication and mobility, allowing user to create and share content, even in real time, with friends and schoolmates. Perfect for both beginners and advanced users, it provides basic functionality and ease of use.

Acer has understood the full potential of this device and specifically developed a series of features to meet the students’ needs. As it arises from the evaluation report of the experimental phase of the Acer-EUN project, the netbook is deemed an excellent tool for teaching. The teachers, in fact, consider extremely positive its use in schools, believing that it could have a positive impact on learning. They also believe that the use of computers can improve students’ technical and personal skills.

But Acer commitment does not stop here. Soon, it will be introduced on the market a new Aspire One specifically designed for the Education segment. Metallic blue, the netbook for schools will also be available with the option of a special rubber shell to protect it in case of falls. The rubber shell can be personalized with drawings and serigraphs by the students, or with the school logo.

Like any school book or notebook, the Aspire One Education will have a special pocket where the student can insert a tag with the its name, so that netbooks cannot be confused when used in the classroom.

The netbook will have also a series of Education pre-installed software, including Acer Classroom Manager, designed to carry out a series of activities in class or Fourier Systems software that can simulate a physics laboratory. With Fourier software, even in the schools lacking a real physics lab, students can examine and investigate phenomena such as the effect of light on photosynthesis, the greenhouse effect or acid rain.

With 8 hours of battery life, the netbook allows unprecedented freedom, avoiding the need of recharging in the classroom where only few outlets are available or the inconvenience of computers turning off in the middle of the lesson.

With a 10.1-inch display and weighing only about a kilo, the Aspire One is very light and extremely manageable. It easily fits students’ backpacks without adding excess weight. Despite its small size, this netbook has a keyboard with large keys that make typing more practical and comfortable.

But the Aspire One is not only functional and light. It will not disappoint even the expectations of today's fashionable students. It’s a stylish and trendy netbook, with a cool and ultra-thin (just 24 mm thick) design, perfect for young people who want to be fashionable, even at school.

Acer nebook for Education is designed to introduce a new kind of interaction between teachers and pupils. A new way of teaching and learning where the netbook is the perfect schoolmate.