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Acer Aspire x755 Notebook Series - Brilliant performance, unforgettable entertainment and classy design


Users’ needs evolve and computers must adapt to them. Work is only a fraction of all the activities we carry out with our laptops, multimedia watching and creation, entertainment and gaming make up the other big part.
Acer, always in tune with users’ needs, developed the Acer 5755 and 4755 to be perfect for unforgettable entertainment, perfect for everyday computing, perfect for smooth multitasking. Combining excellent graphic capabilities and optimal processing power, these laptops can easily handle everyday tasks.

The Aspire 5755 and 4755 take advantage of the second generation Intel® Core™ processor family, delivering smart performance that adapts to users’ needs and dynamic processing power for music, gaming, videos, movies, photos, social networking and other demanding mainstream applications. Thanks to Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and heightened media capabilities, these laptops offer smart performance and advanced graphic capabilities for smoother content creation and enjoyment. What’s more, they combine superior computing power with energy efficiency.

When talking about computers, design is now a big part of the equation. This is why the Aspire 5755 and 4755 combine excellent performance with a classy and appealing look and feel. The glossy cover features an attractive stripy pattern modulated in several colour options. The Aspire 5755 comes in brown, black, red and blue, while the Aspire 4755 is available in brown, black, green and blue.

Beneath the cover, the highly responsive Acer FineTip chic-let keyboard with larger keys makes typing extra-comfortable typing and the numeric keypad (available on the Aspire 5755 only) provides convenient data input. The multi-gesture touchpad puts swift, flawless navigation at your fingertips, for ultra-convenient zooming, rotating, navigating and browsing.

The new Aspire 5755 and 4755 provide spectacular entertainment. They come in two format sizes – 35.5 cm (14”), 39.5 cm (15.6”) – both with high-definition CineCrystal™ LED backlit displays presenting striking 720p visuals in 16:9 aspect ratio. On top of delivering breathtaking high definition imagery for the ultimate go-anywhere entertainment experience, these notebook yield over 30% power savings, thanks to LED technology that consumes less energy that traditional CCFL displays.

Both models feature an HDMI® port allowing users you bring the HD experience the bigger screen, to enjoy movies and videos with family and friends. For maximum ease of use they can also be equipped with optional Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). This feature lets you take advantage of a wireless connection to enjoy your favourite favorite movies, videos, photos, online shows and more on your TV with superior image clarity and sound.

Whether you want to play a game, watch a movie or simply chill out with your favourite music, the enhanced sound system of these notebooks delivers a better audio and a virtualized surround sound experience. Dolby® Advanced Audio v2 and professionally tuned surround sound via PC speakers, headphones or home theater system, will wrap you up in the most vibrant sound. Superior sound quality combined with a choice of high definition graphic solutions and optional Blu-ray Disc™ drive is your ticket to an entertainment experience that will engage all your senses.

In terms of memory the new notebooks offer up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory, ensuring ultra fast system response and swift data transfer speed for seamless handling of multitasking demands. Large capacity hard disks with up to 1TB of capacity provide generous space to easily store all of your multimedia files. A multi-in-1 card reader supports the latest high-capacity storage media for effortless sharing, transfer and storage of files.

Even basic every-day computing relies heavily on connectivity. For this reason Acer notebooks are equipped with a wide array of options, to help users be connected at all times. 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ network connection reliable wireless connections at a hotspot, or within a home network, while Acer SignalUp™ with Nplify™ technology increases transfer speeds, and reduces dead spots and dropped connections; Gigabit Ethernet offers stable wired connectivity supporting data transfer rates of 1,000 megabits per second; Bluetooth® 3.0 (optional) enables quick data sharing and offers better power control to prevent devices unintentionally disconnecting.

To let you keep in touch with your friends wherever they are or set up video conferences with business contacts, there is Acer Crystal Eye high performance HD webcam and built-in microphone, enabling face-to-face communication with vivid images and clear sound. Plus, thanks to the mic/earphone combo jack you can listen to music or watch a movie with the headset of your smartphone!

Last but not least both the Aspire 5755 and 4755 are equipped with, Acer’s media sharing system that brings all your multimedia together for seamless sharing and enjoyment, no matter where they are. is a cross-platform solution and works straight out of the box, automatically detecting all devices connected to the wireless home network. All digital content saved on any of the devices can be shared seamlessly using the media interface.